About Luka

Luka Gordic was born on May 2nd 1996 in Burnaby BC and was the youngest of four siblings.

He started school at Marlborough Elementary where he met many of his best friends. During his formative years, he loved playing all sports including soccer, football, and ice hockey. Like any young boy, he loved playing video games often challenging his many cousins and friends. After elementary school, Luka attended Burnaby Central high school where his beautiful smile and charming personality attracted everyone close to him. As a popular student, Luka enjoyed making new friends and socializing on the weekends. In the same way that Luka had an impact on his peers at school, he shared that same infectious personality at the gym and everywhere he went. He graduated in 2014 and soon after enrolled at Pacific Vocational College to become a plumber.

As a family member, Luka was loved so much. He was easy going, no one could stand to be mad at him. He only needed a whisper from his mother for guidance and he understood. Luka was a best friend to his siblings, often the cause of laughter and happiness in the household. He was doted on by his parents due to his charm. Luka reciprocated this love from his family in many ways.

Luka was a big sweetheart and a caring boy who loved his family. Strong, loyal and funny, Luka stood up for everyone. Handsome, active, loved to joke, ate like a machine and tried to weight lift more than his two older brothers. Luka loved his sister and would never be embarrassed to show his affection towards her. Luka strongly believed in family values, he loved his grandparents very much. He was the baby of a large close-knit family who will alway love and remember him for the beautiful person that he was.